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Area to measure: Sales

Did the Branch sales achieve (in all categories) the desired Company goal for the year?
Has the Branch lost any of the previous year’s “Top 20” accounts?
Are the Branch salespeople following company policy in their coverage of their territory?   i.e. itineraries, call reports, expense reports.
Does the inside sales department have plans in place to handle both incoming and outgoing sales calls?
Has the Branch manager personally visited the top 5 branch customers in the last 6 months?
Are the branch monthly sales reports turned in on time?

Area to measure: Accounting

Are company accounting practices being followed?
Is the branch income statement meeting or exceeding forecast?
How many returns/credits are being issued?

Area to measure: Production

Are the branches fabrication sales growing at the desired rate?
Is the fabrication department a safe working area?

Area to measure: Management Skills

Do each of the employees have am up to date job description?
Does the branch manager use corporate headquarters personnel when applicable?   i.e. human recourses, purchasing, accounting
Are the branch personnel informed on the successes or shortcomings of the branch?
Are there on going branch business projects to keep the branch in a “progressive” mode?
How is the branch turnover? Why are the employees leaving? Have the correct people been hired?
How is the employee workload? Evenly distributed?
How is the branch housekeeping? Are we proud to show-off our facility?
What courses, classes, or books has the manager taken/read since the last review period to make him/herself a better businessperson?



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