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How to conduct the performance appraisal process
This Performance Appraisal process is intended for you and your direct report(s) to establish concrete development plans so you can empower your direct report(s) to realize his or her career goals. Also, it’s valuable to promote regular coaching between you and your direct report(s) relative to progress toward achieving the employees’ plans and goals for the upcoming year.

- Deliver the self-evaluation form to your direct report(s) by July 10th . Your direct report(s) is/are to complete the Self-Evaluation Form and return it to you by July 24th.

- You are to complete parts 1, 2 and the overall progress section. As you complete the appraisal, consider your responses in the context of your direct report(s) responsibilities relativeto the position and strategy of the company.

-Before you review the appraisal with your direct report(s), discuss the appraisal with your manager by August 7th th to reach agreement.

- After you get your manager’s approval, set a date and time no later than August 21st to discuss the appraisal with the direct report(s) being appraised. After you and your direct report(s) have reviewed the appraisal, both of you are to sign the form to document that the review has taken place.

- Turn in the completed appraisal to your HR Representative for permanent filing as soon as you have completed all the steps of the process.  Copies of the completed appraisal should be made for your file and for your direct report(s) whose performance has been appraised.

Part 1: Performance Assessment

Definition - How does the employee perform his or her job responsibilities? Consider Job Effectiveness, Leadership skills, Timeliness, and Practicality. Please select the appropriate box(1=Failing, 4=Outstanding)
Job Effectiveness
1 - (Failing) 2 3 4 -  (Outstanding)
Utilizes knowledge of the enterprise and operating companies
Asks questions if unsure of assigned project
Fulfills position responsibilities
Shares/communicates information of business related to their position and /or company
Leadership Skills
1 - (Failing) 2 3 4 -  (Outstanding)
Needs minimal supervision
Solves problems effectively
Understands and deals effectively with employee issues
Understands and deals effectively with employee issues
1 - (Failing) 2 3 4 -  (Outstanding)
Attends and is on time to meetings
Works dependable hours (40+/week)
Meets deadlines
Completes employee reviews
1 - (Failing) 2 3 4 -  (Outstanding)
Proactive & collaborates with others
Takes advantage of opportunities for continuous improvement
Differentiates between priorities vs wants
Uses known management tools to complete projects (i.e. SyteLine, Word, Excel)

Part 2: Behavior Assessment

Definition - Behaviors are crucial to the completion of an employee’s responsibilities. How does the employee control their behavior so they can be successful within the company and inspire growth and success to their employees? Consider Attitudes, Values, and Development. Please select the appropriate box (1= Failing, 4=Outstanding)
1 - (Failing) 2 3 4 -  (Outstanding)
Respects all employees
Realizes collaboration is greater than one individual
Recognizes projects involve processes not people
Leads by example
1 - (Failing) 2 3 4 -  (Outstanding)
Builds relationships and listens to employees
Doing the right thing
Doing things right
Doing things with the right attitude
Development (Consider: Growth & Advancement)
1 - (Failing) 2 3 4 -  (Outstanding)
Supports company trainings in relation to position and/or company
Conducts employee reviews if required
Researches & is able to present the information for new or current projects
Listens to employees’ concerns/thoughts and learns from them



Overall Progress

Overall Progress

Opportunities for Improvement


Agreed Upon Employee Goals for Next Year

A. Any plans for accomplishing the employee goals for next year

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